Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rabbit Rabbit

I'm posting this in a hurry to get in my first post for NaBloPoMo (post every day for the month of November). I just got in a great nap and Brianna and Stephen are still asleep so this is my one opportunity.

I have to blog about our trip with mom and dad to Morrow Mountain! A blog with pictures is soon to come about that.

Last night was Brianna's first Fall Festival at church. She wasn't in costume, but did wear an orange outfit with a pumpkin on it that mom got at a yard sale. I, however, was a princess. I have pictures of that too!

And today one of Stephen's coworkers, Robert, and his son, Emory, drove from Fayetteville to come to church (they came to the festival last night too) and we ate out at Olive Garden after church. It was really good! Emory is going to be 2 in December and he's soooo cute.

So hopefully you will see a blog (albeit short at times!) every day of November from me. So keep checking back!

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