Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yard Sales

This morning wasn't a bad day at all for yard sales. Several days ago I mentioned to mom that I was looking for a mortar and pestle, although I didn't even know what they were called. Turns out they are still around, and boy, can they be expensive! Fortunately, just one week after telling mom I was looking for one, I found one at a yard sale this morning. 50 cents, sucker!

All the books for me were 50 cents, Brianna's were 25 cents and included some of my favorites such as Cam Jansen and Junie B!

This is one for Brianna I bought that I did splurge and pay 50 cents for. It's condition is immaculate, with gold-rimmed pages and tons of classic stories like Heidi. I can't believe the condition of this book!

Candle warmer for 50 cents. I burn a lot of candles, but have never used a candle warmer. Mainly because they're so expensive. Even at yard sales they're usually a couple of bucks, which really isn't worth it to me. 50 cents is worth it though.

At one yard sale I came along just as a lady was cleaning out her garage too. We started talking about Brianna swimming for some reason and she gave me all this pool stuff for next year. Floaties for the arms, swim shoes, these toys, and a whole other bag of stuff. She said she just wanted it out of the garage so she didn't want any money for it. Sweet!

I also picked up a basket to hold coupons at church for 25 cents. Also, Granny donated a ton of jelly jars to me so when I get around to making that jelly I'll be able to store it in something bigger than a baby food jar and smaller than a 28-oz jar. I also got a really nice platter for deviled eggs for 50 cents. Those are really hard to find now! I remembered that Tracey got a nice deviled egg Tupperware just recently at a thrift store. Those are really good too, and I do have one of those. I just didn't have anything pretty to place the eggs on.

Yesterday I started cleaning out some of Brianna's clothes in the closet. The way they are organized, all of her 0-3 month stuff is in the dresser drawers because that's what she's wearing (yes, still) and her 3-6 month stuff is hanging in the closet, ready to be washed and then worn. As I looked through some of those clothes I realized some of those may still be too big for her, but they're almost ALL - you guessed it - short-sleeved! So in a few months when the weather is right, she may not be. In an attempt to have her wear some of these outfits that were purchased by special people in our lives (specific outfits from mom, Jenn, Leila, Jenn, Lauren, and Gail), I just threw them all in a pile and am frantically washing them now. Hopefully some of these outfits will fit her! Seriously, there were like 65 outfits. This child's wardrobe is outrageous!! I did end up sorting through and taking out some outfits that didn't have any special significance and I'm going to donate them to Fed By Faith. Even if we have another girl baby, she'll have plenty of clothes. I promise.

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Tracey Garner said...

I love Junie B Jones, and I also love Frog and Toad. They are great. Have you been to the Vass library yet, she has put even more books out.