Monday, March 3, 2008

#69 - Become CPR certified

Jenn and I went to get CPR certified last weekend. The class actually was a bit laughable. Instead of being taught, we had an "instructor" who pressed Play on the DVD that went with our class. Of course we actually had to do the techniques on dummies and all, but three hours of hearing "Are you okay? Are you okay? Call 911 - he's unconscious!" got really tiresome! I kept hearing Jenn snicker and I was glad I wasn't the only one who found the video rather outdated and corny!

I am certifiably... CPR'ed.

After the class, let's just say it was lucky that Jenn and I were together and CPR certified. We both had fainting spells right in the middle of the parking lot (can you believe it!?) but fortunately, we were able to assist each other in our survival!!

No, we were not laughing. How could you suggest such a thing!! We were in peril!

See how much fun we had at CPR class?

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