Monday, March 3, 2008

80's trends, how I loved thee...

These are my favorites!!

1. Stirrup pants

2. Side ponytails

3. Converse

4. Crimped hair

5. Jelly shoes

6. Scrunchies

7. Slap bracelets

8. Best Friend necklaces

9. Denim jackets

10. Hyper color T-shirts

11. Finger watches


jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, almost every one of these brings back a memory from our childhood. You were the queen of stirrup pants. I was obsessed with jelly shoes. Best-friend necklaces brought out the cattiness in everyone.

At first I thought No. 11 was mood rings. Remember that one I gave you for your birthday one year that got lost in that big tub of plastic balls at McDonald's?

Amanda said...

Don't remind me.. I've never gotten over that mood ring!!!

And the hypercolor T-shirts were the BOMB! I loved them!!