Friday, March 7, 2008

List of obsolete skills (or on their way)

1. Adjusting rabbit ears on a TV
2. Adjusting the tracking on a VCR
3. Aligning the heads on a floppy disk
4. Blowing the dust out of video game cartridges
5. Carbon copy paper
6. Changing the ribbon on your typewriter
7. Changing vacuum tubes
8. Clearing the party line
9. Cranking the car engine
10. Credit card imprinters
11. Darning socks
12. Delivering milk to homes
13. Extending the antennae on a cellphone
14. Loading film into a 35mm camera
15. Popcorn on the stove
16. Putting a needle on a vinyl record
17. Reading a sundial
18. Replacing shoe sole and heels
19. Shaving with a straight razor
20. Using an ink blotter

I know, I know, not all of these are obsolete. But it is funny to think of how quickly some of these things become obsolete. I got this list from Here.

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Katie said...

I was reading your previous blogs and came across the one about 80's trends. Everything on that list should never come back in style except the converse (which I don't think ever really went out)! However, and I know this will be shocking, Express is now selling stirrup pants!! How wrong is that?!? Long sweaters with turtlenecks, stirrup pants and sam & libby's! Hot!