Friday, March 21, 2008

List of "plugs"

1. I know it's pretty late notice but my mind has been a little slow this week! I want to plug our church's Easter drama that's happening this weekend!

When: Friday, March 21 at 8pm and Saturday, March 22 at 8pm
Where: Faith Baptist Church, 2180 Carthage Rd, West End NC 27376 (there is a map here)

This is an outdoor drama that takes you from the time Jesus was betrayed in the garden by Judas until the resurrection. We have worked incredibly hard on everything, from lighting to the costumes to making everything scripturally accurate. We wrote this play, it wasn't bought by us. It is so important to us that as many people see it as possible in hopes that someone will get saved from it!!

Come and see Jesus beaten as He carries the cross, see Him praying in the garden, see Him be literally lifted up on the cross, and then see the awesome ending!

Stephen is the thief on the cross that gets saved and I am a crowd member who is a spitter! Although I probably won't since I'd hate to actually infect anyone...

The man who is playing Jesus is utterly, insanely believable. I promise you, if you are able to come you will not regret it. If you need better directions than on the map, email me or call me, or comment and I will get you there!!

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jennifer said...

Hey babe, I know how hard you've worked on this and I'm sorry we won't be able to come -- we're having Easter dinner with Matt's dad tonight at 7:30. Hope it goes really well, love you.