Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Knowledge I've Gained from Pop-Up Videos

1. Colors like red and yellow can make people feel happy and energetic.
2. The average hospital bill is $13, 415.
3. The average person changes careers every 13 years.
4. The average baby is 75% water - the average adult is 60% water.
5. 40% of NYC cab drivers hail from Pakistan.
6. 74% of Americans believe our government engages in clandestine activity.
7. Toy makers introduced the first baby doll that ate and dirtied her diapers in 1972.
8. Gazing directly at stars though a telescope can damage the eye's retina, but not iris.
9. Melted butter does not help burns.
10. The first evidence of lipstick used was found in a 5000 year old Sumarian cave.
11. 1 in 3 people believe plastic is essential to life.
12. Doctors believe 1 in 7 people can't digest milk.
13. Ancient Europeans believed milk baths cured wrinkles.
14. Half of Americans think Socrates was an Indian chief.
15. Cher is dyslexic.
16. Pirates still exist - they were responsible for 51 deaths in 1997.

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