Saturday, March 1, 2008

#74 - Make a final decision on if I want to get my Masters or not

If you've ever gone to college, you know how good it feels to get the BIG package in the mail and not the letter-sized envelope! For example, this package I received in the mail today...

That's right! I'm on my way to get my M.A. in Professional Counseling! I am SO excited. I purposely chose to start in May because Stephen is starting in March to finish his B.S., and for some reason we thought it would be better to stagger ourselves. I don't know why it matters at all. But anyway, this way I have plenty of time to get scholarships and prepare! I can't wait to have classes such as Integration of Psychology and Theology, Theology and Spirituality in Counseling, Psychopathology, Ethnicity and Families, well the list just goes on and on!! I am pumped about my newest venture!

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jennifer said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you!