Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Things I love about today... already!

1. Waking up sleepy but knowing it was from staying up late having girl talk with Keely.
2. Finally finishing my hazelnut coffee creamer so I can start the french vanilla.
3. Rain
4. Warm weather
5. Hearing about Keely's morning and how relaxing it sounded
6. Picking up Jenn at work
7. Lunching with Jenn and Keely
8. Walking through downtown Southern Pines with Jenn and Keely
9. Having friends who understand we all have certain physical aspects we lack
10. Thrift stores
11. Finding a cute, vintage-y shirt that I love
12. Not buying it because it was overpriced
13. Cute shoes that are 80% off
14. Having everyone wave when I drive through the neighborhood
15. Playing with Cassie when she's chill
16. Long lunches
17. My phone not ringing
18. Getting off work early for a good reason
19. Crystal Light
20. Chick Fil-A

1 comment:

jennifer said...

I love that I loved almost all of those things (with you) today!