Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rabbit Rabbit!

Happy March! Some of y'all remember us doing NaBloPoMo in November, where you had to post every day for the entire month. It was such a hit (I guess) that they are starting to do monthly themes. I probably won't do this every month, but I definitely am throughout March because the theme is: LISTS!! And I looove lists. If you want to look through some of these other blogs, go here. I thought I'd start off with a cute one I got in an email the other day.

Top 7 Things Overheard Backstage at a Beauty Pageant:

7. "Really? My talent is baton twirling too!"
6. "What does "demeaning" mean, and why does everyone keep saying it?"
5. "Food? What is that?"
4. "Her agents are Binge & Purge."
3. "Could someone empty the barf bin?"
2. "This is about talent, not beauty. Now let's see some cleavage!!"

And the number one thing overheard...
1. "Please don't ask me about maps. Please don't ask me about maps. Please don't ask me about maps."

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