Thursday, March 6, 2008

What's my age again?

This week with Keely has just been so much fun. I pray that everyone reading this blog has a person in their life who just "gets" them. And I mean other than your spouse or family.

Yesterday after lunch and cards with mom, we went to the Aberdeen Fifi's. We somehow drifted into the big poofy dress section, and before we knew it (it was like our arms had minds of their own!) we were ripping dresses off the rack and running into the dressing room giggling like we were ten. Thank GOODNESS Keely is always prepared! She came equipped with her camera! Yes, we put on all these dresses and posed for pictures. After about the second dress, one of the ladies walked over to us with this sentimental gaze, and said, "Aww, I remember when my daughter and I went shopping for her prom dress. We must have taken 30 pictures!" I didn't DARE look at Keely, for fear of insane laughter shooting out from my mouth. After that poor lady left, we just laughed, partly from shock and hilarity, but we were admittedly a little relieved that she didn't realize we are 25 years old...

We were on our last outfits when the other lady came over. Keely was wearing a beautiful dress that she was actually planning on buying for her graduation outfit. I was wearing a princess ball gown with lots of sparkles, with a ripped strap, that I couldn't zip up all the way. The lady came over and said, "Oh, are you trying on prom dresses?" "Yes!", we exclaimed. She looked at Keely and just started gushing on how great the dress looked on her. Then she looked at me and I could just see her thinking of something polite to say to me. I can't wait to post those pictures. We had such a blast.

Today Stephen took the day off from work and I'm only working a half day. Here are the things we might do to entertain Keely:

1. picnic lunch (definitely)
2. either walk the Resevoir or Rassie Wicker (definitely)
3. Artist's Alley
4. walk our neighborhood
5. play 9 holes of golf
6. window shop
7. go into the shops in Pinehurst
8. walk Sandhills Gardens
9. thrift shop
10. go bowling

I'm not sure what else we'll come up with. If anyone has any ideas, call me!! Tonight we are going to Mt. Fuji's with a lot of family for mom's transplant anniversary party. I am so excited! Afterwards, we are going for drinks with Jenn and Matt and whoever else decides to tag along. What a great day!

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