Saturday, March 29, 2008

Georgia trip

Last Thursday we had to make a spontaneous trip to Georgia because my grandmother had what seemed to be a stroke and then a heart attack, and things were not looking very hopeful. My whole family made the trip in a hurry. As of today, she was just moved about an hour ago to a step-down unit, which is just higher than a regular room, and is telling us how hungry she is. I cannot believe the improvements that she has made over the last three days. Prayer absolutely, definitely works, although none of us were praying necessarily that she would get better. We wanted more that she wasn't in any pain, and she's certainly not, so that's good. She talked to us several times today, which she didn't have the strength to do the other days, so that's another good sign of her improving. She's having a lot less regulations at this point, so we're extremely proud of her and happy! I want to thank everyone for your prayers because they have really gotten us through the last few days. I am so grateful that Stephen's family lives so close to the hospital and they have taken us in. We expect to be back in town by tomorrow and hopefully Grandma will be on the road to recovery!!

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